Owl Mom Whose Eggs Didn’t Hatch Is Overjoyed To Find Babies In Her Nest

For the last two years, this hopeful owl named Luna has tried to be a mom. Sadly, however, despite her best efforts, things just didn’t pan out.

“Not only did her eggs fail to hatch this year, but she also lost her clutch last year,” Robert E. Fuller, a British wildlife rehabilitator, wrote.

But this year, Luna’s wish finally came true.

When Fuller came to learn of two owl chicks who’d become orphaned and were in need of a parent, his thoughts turned to Luna. Knowing that her maternal instincts were going unfulfilled again this year, he decided to introduce Luna to the two needy babies.

Fuller placed them inside her nest, awaiting her return. But would she accept them?

Footage of what happened next erased all doubt:

Without hesitation, Luna rushed to the orphaned chicks’ side — clearly delighted to take them under her wing.

“This means that after a long wait, Luna the tawny owl is finally a mum,” Fuller wrote.

The young family was brought together by love, and now their future has never looked brighter.

“Tawny owl mum, Luna, is so tender with her foster chicks,” Fuller wrote in a recent update. “They’ve been with her for nearly a week and they are thriving.”

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