Orphaned Baby Skunk Is Adopted By A Cat And Her Four Black And White Kittens

This unique animal rescue is located in a country farm house and is home to all sorts of animals. Wild or domestic-farm or woodland creature-it doesn’t matter, all are welcome.

There are dogs, goats, pigs, fawns, horses, raccoon, cats, and skunks, just to name a few. The wild animals are rehabilitated, in hopes that they can return to their natural habitat. Meanwhile the domestic animals live out their days in comfort at the cozy sanctuary.

One new resident named Ruby is a black and white cat that has just given birth to a litter of four black and white kittens. She’s living in the comfy barn with her tiny kittens when they have a guest.

An adorable orphaned skunk named Duke joins the little family since he doesn’t have one of his own. While mom Ruby is welcoming of the little guy, one of her kittens named Moo is protesting the impostor

The tiny Moo loudly complains to the skunkette and tries to roll him out of the bed. It doesn’t do much good since he’s so small but he does his best to make it clear that Ruby is his mother and he has

His methods don’t work and a couple weeks later, the skunk is still part of the family and seems to think he’s one of the cats. He’s clearly made himself at home with them.

This has not deterred the competitive Moo to continue to be jealous. Now that Moo and Duke are both three weeks old, the skunk has developed faster than kittens so Moo has a whole new set of problems.

Moo tries to keep up with his stinky little brother in the most hilarious of ways. If Duke runs around the room, Moo wobbles after him. If Duke scratches himself while standing on three legs, Moo tries to mimic the scratching in true sibling revelry fashion.

Not much distracts Moo from this funny competition except visits from Lottle, a sweet little fawn. Lottle adores Moo and loves to cuddle and kiss him. Lottie doesn’t have much to do with Duke so it seems Moo is happy to soak up all her attention.

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