Minuscule Kitty With Enormous Ears And An Overflowing Heart

Meet Eeyore, a small miracle kitty.

He is a shelter, throw away kitty turned in to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, along with his cat mother and four siblings.

He’s the runt of his litter.

Here’s Eeyore’s story via his Facebook page: “I’m a small  ‘miracle. I wasn’t even 4 oz when Mom brought me home from work. My brothers were much larger and still are. I’m what they call,the runt’. We all did fine for the first week… but one morning, Mom woke up, started her routine and came to check on us. I was on my side, seizing and barely breathing. I was almost gone.

He weighed less than 4 oz, when they brought him home.

Being so small, Mom didnt have much hope but tried everything she could: fluids, karo syrup and wrapping me in a heated towel and carrying me around. She was weary and expected me to be gone when she unwrapped the towel… BUT to her surprise, I popped up!

I had a severe hookworm infestation and it took a toll on me..I crashed 3 more times. Mom carried me everywhere, giving me fluids, special kitty milk, keeping me warm… you name it… every hour for a week. It was very touch and go, but a week later, things seemed to be turning in a positive direction.

That was the beginning of November and here I am. I am about 8-9 weeks old now and getting stronger everyday. I weigh 1.2 lbs and do almost everything a normal kitten does. That’s why Mom makes such a big deal about ‘my firsts’ and everything I do.

At 1.2 lbs, he does almost everything a normal kitten does.

I’m what she calls, a Christmas miracle, and for that, I am grateful. I have been given a second chance and my goal is to bring joy and smiles to everyone I meet!”

He’s got big ears and a big heart!

All grown up now, weighing 11 lbs! What a handsome boy!

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