Meet Vincent, A Fluffy Maine Coon Cat That Looks Like A Black Panther

Vincent the Maine Coon cat resides in Russia. He has efficaciously managed to capture everyone’s attention through his large body size, attractive eyes, and black silky fur that gives him the appearance of a black panther. This mesmerizing creature is on TikTok and possesses an Instagram account with a combined follower total of more than five hundred thousand.

Vincent lives along with his human owners, Andrey and Anastasia. The couple bought Vincent after they came to realize that their life was missing something. Since it was too early for them to bring a child into the world, they decided on getting a pet cat instead. The Maine Coon’s loveable face made the couple fall in love with him instantly.

When the Maine Coon was being taken home, he managed to take hold of everyone’s attention because he looked similar to a real-life person. The couple didn’t come up with a name for the cat instantly and were inspired by the series “Brassic” when they finally decided to name him Vincent. The main character was named Vincent and was somehow similar to the cat in appearance.

Maine Coons are known to be large in size and therefore it is no easy task to pick him up from the floor. However, his growth phase is expected to continue for 1-2 more years. Vincent is a playful and adorable cat. After observing that Vincent possessed the ability to captivate people, Andrey and Anastasia then created him an Instagram and TikTok account.

Soon the stunning Maine Coon’s photographs and videos went viral and he became an internet sensation. Vincent is always closely observing what his two human parents are doing and is even sensitive to human pain. The Maine Coon’s curiosity has led him to keep a close eye on his caregivers. Vincent enjoys playing football with a small ball made out of twisted foil.


Whenever he feels bored he brings this ball to his humans and asks them to throw it at him. Vincent then goes after the ball and fetches it. This game of catch demonstrates that Vincent is like a doggo not just in size, but also in behavior.

The compassionate Maine Coon even responds emotionally whenever his human owners sneeze. The couple admits that it is a dire task caring for a large cat, but they love him with all their hearts.

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