Meet The Famus ‘Oreo Cloud’ Who Is Now A Gorgeous Fluffy Dog

You’ll immediately realize why this little dog was given the nickname Oreo Cloud after seeing his coat.

Pictures of Sara Hamilton’s little dog child became viral after she posted them to the popular Facebook page Dogspotting Society, generating over 22K responses and 2.5K comments. In addition to swooning and drooling, people were also sending it to their friends to meet the tempting furball.

According to Sara, Oreo cloud’s real name is actually Chief! “Oreo cloud is our favorite nickname for him since he looks like an Oreo McFlurry fluff.” She says. We can totally see why.

And Chief is more than just good looks. He is also incredibly intelligent and laid-back, and he is working toward becoming a therapy dog.

Sara mentions that they named him Chief due to the fact that he will eventually weigh in at around 85 pounds, along with the fact that he is most definitely a leader and not a follower! “He came to us fully potty-trained at 8 weeks and is very well-behaved, he learns quickly!” she says, also mentioning how Chief is very protective and enjoys spending every night sleeping near the front door. We see he lives up to not just his nickname Oreo cloud, but also his real name Chief!

“The first thing we noticed about him besides his cute spots is that he loves to cuddle and he will nap on you. He has the loudest snore out of everyone in the household.” Sara states. In the short time, Sara and her husband have had him, they have also seen that he loves bathing and becomes intensely envious whenever someone takes a bath without inviting him.

This adorable fluff only recently became a part of their life and the timing is ideal as they have plenty of time to spend with him while he is still a puppy! According to Sara, he traveled 1,700 miles to get to them from Omaha, Nebraska to Northern California. “We are a recently married couple and we felt this was a great time to add to our little family. He also has a chameleon brother,” Sara added.

Chief loves people, as he was born around lots of children, making him accustomed to it. Sara goes on to explain Chief’s journey to becoming a therapy dog, “I have a background volunteering with sick kids in hospitals, so I knew that he would be the most amazing therapy dog that would help bring a little joy to those in their darkest moments.”

Sara reports that Chief is making excellent progress at the time being because the couple is staying at home, Chief is receiving daily training in order to develop good manners in him. “Once the world heals and we can resume normal life, we will be taking him to attend a series of basic dog training and therapy classes. Once he is one year old and has taken the essential classes, he can officially take his final test to be certified. Then he will be working weekly visits in children’s hospitals.”

People on the Internet just can’t get over Chief’s adorableness! From comments like “How precious!!” to “If this dog was mine his name would be McFlurry”, we agree with it all!

Ps; We are glad to inform you that, Chief is now an Aspiring children’s therapy dog.

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