Meet The African Rain Frogs-The World’s Grumpiest Frog(10 Pics)

These frogs aren’t actually angry or sad, it’s just what these black rain frogs look like

Native to the Southern coast of Africa, found at elevations of over 3,300ft, often found burrowing to create tunnels up to 6 inches deep.

This is especially impressive considering these frogs are tiny, stretching up to a max of 2 inches long.

Since they are a burrowing species who inhabit forest fringes, this frog never actually needs to be in the presence of open water to survive.

When threatened, the black rain frog will puff up, expanding its body to adopt a more aggressive stance.

It will often do this while burrowing as the increased size will mean whatever is grabbing it will struggle to pull it out of its hole.

During mating season, the female of the species will discharge a sticky substance to keep the male from falling off its back.

This is called adhesive amplexus, it literally refuses to let go of its mate, now this is what you call loyal.

Once the female has laid its eggs, the male will stay within the burrow to guard the eggs and let out little chirps.

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