Meet Geri, The “Two-Faced” Cat That Has Chimerism

Although all animals are unique in their own way, some animals stand out from the rest because they possess extraordinary characteristics. Chimerism is a rare genetic condition that leads to the merging of two or more zygotes at the inception. The individual ends up being a mix of two individuals forming cells. The word “chimerism” is derived from the Greek mythical creature named Chimera.

Geri the cat is a ‘chimera” Persian Ragdoll who has become quite the internet sensation. Erika, Geri’s human owner, found her in a pet shop in 2019. At the time Geri was two months old. Erika used to be a dog person but soon changed her mind after coming across Geri. The rare condition that this cat is suffering from makes her appear as if she has two faces.

This condition is referred to as chimerism and takes place when an organism forms from two or more individuals (zygotes). Therefore it is fair to call Geri a two-faced cat because she possesses the genetics of two cats. Erika enjoys photographing Geri because she is filled with various entertaining expressions. The photographs are breathtaking and Erika believes it is because of the beauty that Geri adds to the images.

Erika takes photographs so she could enjoy and cherish every moment with her cat. Geri has a younger brother named Taiga that possesses a white fur coat. The two are actual siblings with the same father. Taiga loves his elder sister and follows her everywhere she goes. Geri sometimes gets annoyed due to this and ends up fighting with Taiga. There are also times when the two siblings bond and Geri licks Taiga.


Even though Taiga is not as unique or special as Geri is, he is undoubtedly cute and fluffy in his own way. The two cat siblings make the perfect duo. Geri is currently enjoying the fame that she is receiving from the internet. She is now an Instagram sensation with many followers. Erika is very happy about Geri’s newfound fame and believes that she is lucky to be the owner of this unique cat.


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