Man works tirelessly for days to give rescue dog the yard he deserves

“Everyone had given up on him.”

This ‘destructive, violent, and untrusting’ dog was adopted by a selfless Colorado lady who hoped that with time and love, she might help him change his ways.

She introduced her boyfriend to her dog, and while he initially said he didn’t care for the animal, he later did something nice for the dog that proved his true feelings.
Located in Colorado Springs, KaTarra Taylor’s property needed a doggy makeover. She and her 120-pound rescue dog had just moved into a townhouse, and she was sure he would benefit from having a yard.

The Bloodhound, Bentley, was not the simplest pet to maintain. KaTarra was still working on teaching him, reducing his nervousness, and curbing his anger. He had a lot of behavioral difficulties, no doubt stemming from a rough history. Having a green area for Bentley to play in was something she thought would be incredibly beneficial.

KaTarra’s boyfriend went above and beyond for her pet dog and turned what was once a plain concrete slab into a backyard paradise.

In spite of his dislike for the rescue dog, KaTarra’s partner undertook a garden makeover. He painstakingly removed the concrete and laid down dog-friendly grass, and KaTarra posted about it on the Dogspotting Society Facebook page. A quote from what she had to say is as follows:

I brought him in when he was 4 years old. Everyone else had given up on him, and I was his fifth home. His disruptive, hostile, and distrustful personality made him a dangerous person to be around. After his unsuccessful stay at my parents’ house, I had no choice but to forbid him from returning to the rescue in my tiny one-bedroom flat. I put in many hours of work to get him to walk well on a leash, calm down, figure out what was causing his terrible allergies, and stop being aggressive.

After that, KaTarra said:

“I had to move, and there isn’t a single place in this dumb metropolis that will accept my 120-pound bloodhound… I decided to purchase a townhouse. Since I’ve had him, he has never had a yard of his own, only the park grass and sidewalks we walk on.

My fantastic partner spent all weekend constructing a backyard for our dog Bentley.
In retaliation to the dog he despises… The good fortune bestowed upon us is immeasurable.

KaTarra showed her friends the photos of her lover renovating the backyard so Bentley could enjoy it. To make a comfortable location for the dog to rest, he first removes all of the tiles and then lays down the grass. Bentley is clearly enjoying his new backyard in the last photo.

We hope that KaTarra and Bentley can work through their behavioral challenges, and we applaud KaTarra’s boyfriend for providing Bentley with his own yard. We have little doubt that his new backyard will be an improvement.

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