Man Spends Half His Year Driving To Save Dogs;Has Driven Millions Miles And Saved 30,000 So Far

Every other Monday Greg leaves his Zanesville, Ohio home for a seven day, 4,200 mile odyssey to help save dogs, many on death row at high-kill shelters in the deep South

You might remember Greg Mahle – last year we told you about how has driven a million miles, saving around 30,000 dogs. Well, his incredible dedication to saving lives hasn’t ceased – he now spends half of the year making road trips across the country to save even more lives. But now he needs your help.

This plea comes from the YouCaring page set up to help Greg: Read More

Rescue Road Trips is a low cost transport service like no other and its operator, Greg Mahle, is no ordinary truck driver. Every other Monday without fail Mahle leaves his Zanesville, Ohio home for a seven day, 4,200 mile odyssey. His mission: to help save lost, abandoned, neglected and abused dogs, many on death row at “high kill” shelters in the deep South and deliver them into the arms of loving “forever” families in the Northeast. Over the past decade Mahle has driven more than one million miles to save more than thirty thousand dogs Read More

With extraordinary dedication, care and love Mahle works long, difficult hours – physically and emotionally draining hours — to ensure that every dog’s “freedom ride” is as comfortable and stress-free as it can be. As he travels, he documents every trip on the Rescue Road Trips Facebook page to fuel the excitement of waiting families and ensure that the unsung rescue heroes whose hands and hearts brought these dogs to Greg’s rig can share in the joy of seeing them make their way to safety and love. The sacrifices are many: Greg is away from his wife and stepson half the year and they live with financial uncertainty. “We still get by on a shoestring budget and a prayer,” says Greg’s wife Adella. Even on his “off” weeks, Rescue Road Trips requires 50-60 hours of his time Read More:

Greg’s most immediate needs are a new tractor and trailer. The trailer, which houses nearly 80 kennels, is well past its useful life and the tractor is nearing the end of its serviceable life. To purchase suitable used equipment and retrofit it for the transport of dogs will require an investment of approximately $80,000, $40,000 each for the tractor and trailer. For $200,000 we can buy Greg a brand new, specially outfitted tractor and trailer that will help ensure the most stress-free passage of these dogs as they take their “freedom” rides from the South. Greg’s extraordinary work has been featured on the Today Show, in Parade Magazine, WBUR’s All Things Considered, Dogster, The Boston Globe and many other media outlets. He is the subject of a new book, Rescue Road: One Man, Thirty Thousand Dogs and a Million Miles on the Last Hope Highway by journalist Peter Zheutlin (October 2015, Sourcebooks). Read More

Donors who contribute $1,000 or more can have a kennel on Greg’s truck named for their dog, favorite pet or a special person in their life. For a $500 donation, your pet can have his or her name and Gotcha Day date stenciled on the side of Greg’s new trailer! We are hoping that hundreds of dogs will be honored in this way. Rescue Road Trips, inc. is recognized as a charitable corporation in the state of Ohio and 501(c)3 status is applied for with the IRS. Your contribution is tax-deductible. Contact us if your employers has a matching gift program Read More:

If you prefer to pay by check, please indicate the offline donation on this site. Make check payable to “Rescue Road Trips”, indicate that it’s for the truck fund, and mail check to: Rescue Road Trips P.O. Box 107, White Cottage, Ohio. 43791. Please send an email to Judy Gelman at to indicate the amount of your donation, so we may add it to our online total. Friends of Rescue Road Trips was launched by group of supporters. We welcome volunteers! If you would like to help, or have additional questions, please contact Judy Gelman at If you have information on foundation/corporate support, please contact committee member Glenna Mooney at Read More:

Please help us keep Greg’s mission alive and help us save the lives of countless southern dogs that long to have a name and a family to call their own. If you would like to donate, please CLICK HERE. Remember, even the smallest contribution gets Greg one step closer to accomplishing his goal

Greg’s dogs welcome him home after another long and exhausting journey.

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