Man Makes Moving Promise To Dog Who Passed Away After Giving Birth

No one will love us more,or give everything they have up for us except a mother,that’s why the name mother it’s called a holy name,and not only in humans,animal mothers have the same feelings for their children and make the same sacrifices as well.

On California streets a dog mother to be named Gaia was seen wandering often,she worked hard and did whatever she could for the little ones she was expecting to give birth.

Two women found the dog mother to be,and tried to help her and take care of her till her puppies were born,but Gaia just wasn’t able to trust humans anymore,poor thing who knows what the hell she has seen from some cruel humans.

The women seeing the delicate state of Gaia were sure she won’t be able to make it alone,so they reached to Hope for Paws and asked them to come and give Gaia the help she will for sure need.

Eldad Hagar, the founder of HFP after getting the message for help arrived at the delivery place and started to search for the mom and her little ones,but he only found 3 puppies the mother was nowhere in sight.

When Eldad looked around he noticed Gaia laying on the road,unfortunately she was hit by a car and passed away,leaving behind the children she fought so much

“I’m sorry they did this to you. I promise you I’ll save your babies,” said Eldad.

When he got back to the little dogies,they were frightened and were hiding in a hole,Eldad used the famous trick of food to make them approach him and it worked,one of the puppies that they named Sidney came out and approached the man.

“At that time, the other two puppies were really scared and did not leave the hole for two hours,”said Eldad.

Feeling desperate he took the mother’s dead body to try and lure the dogs out,but that only attracted Matildas attention,the third puppy was still not coming out.

It took four hours,for the third sibling Gabriella to come out of the hiding hole,and Edgar took the trio into the shelter.

The trio had lovely vibrant personalities,and that helped them to find their forever homes very quick.Gaia’s puppies are now healthy and are getting all the love and care their mother would wish for them to have,rest in peace Gaia Eldad really kept his promise.

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