Left Behind By Their Owner,A Lonely Dog Satr Drenched In Water For Hours,Patiently Waiting To Be Rescued

Although Typhoon Noru has passed, many areas in the Central region are still facing serious flooding, flash floods, landslides… A lot of people to ensure their lives were quickly evacuated to a safe area. However, because of the rush, some people did not have time to bring their pets.

Recently, the rescue team discovered a dog standing in the water for hours. Thankfully, she was found and taken to a safe place.

Chú chó cố gắng chờ người đến đón. (Ảnh: Fanpage Cưng TV)

The dog tries to wait for the person to come pick it up.

According to the posted article, this dog did not have time to avoid the flood with his owner, so he had to stay alone in the house. Because the door was bolted, when the flood water rose, the dog couldn’t run away, only had to stand in the water for hours waiting for someone to come to the rescue.

Fortunately, during the rescue,  people  discovered and quickly brought her to a safe place. However, the image of a wet dog and tired eyes still makes many people feel sad.

Chú chó cố gắng không để bản thân rơi vào biển nước. (Ảnh: Newscalif)

The dog tries not to let himself fall into the sea.

Ngay cả heo cũng được bà con cố gắng đảm bảo an toàn. (Ảnh: Newscalif)

Những hình ảnh đáng yêu mùa lũ. (Ảnh: Dân Việt)

Bà con tìm mọi cách để giữ cho thú cưng an toàn. (Ảnh: Fanpage Yêu Động Vật)

Chó mèo được "đặc cách" chở bằng ghe. (Ảnh: Báo Quảng Bình)

Nhiều khu vực tại miền Trung vẫn còn ngập trong biển nước. (Ảnh: Thanh Niên)

Up to now, the situation of flooding, flash floods, flash floods… in some central provinces is still very serious, typically Nghe An, Thanh Hoa… Functional forces are also trying their best to rescue and support assist evacuate and ensure people’s safety. And people have to work very hard to get to a safe place, trying to overcome the consequences caused by storms and floods.

Nghệ An vẫn còn ngập lụt nghiêm trọng. (Ảnh: Dân Trí)

Lực lượng chức năng cố gắng đưa người dân đến khu vực an toàn để tránh bão lũ. (Ảnh: Vietnamnet)

Storms and floods are extremely dangerous, sometimes even a few minutes delay can lead to unnecessary situations. Therefore, in the time of urgency, people must be very urgent, trying to protect the safety of their lives and those around them. Hopefully the storm will pass soon, everyone will be safe and sound, and soon return to daily life.

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