Labrador With A Congential Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate Can Finally Have Fun

Meet Felix – a black lab who was born with a cleft lip and palate

A friendly black lab named felix lives within the state of alaska inside the united states. On the social media platform imgur, in which he’s well-known, he has gained over a large following of admirers who have observed his adventure and like looking the lovable bushy man grow in his endeavors.


These lovers have enjoyed seeing the cute hairy man development in his sports. This dog has come a protracted way, and has simply underwent dental surgery that was a complete success. Felix has been in my care ever in view that he was eleven days antique.

When the breeder realized that one of the dogs in her litter changed into not doing well and turned into really death because of the reality that she had a horrible cleft palate and cleft lip and was unable to feed from her mom in the right manner, they called in a rescue employee and i used to be the one who came to help the pup. The procedure of eliminating this hairy individual became a hard one. Jamie explains:


“at this point in time, he changed into laid low with aspiration pneumonia and wouldn’t live via the night. I took care of his nutrition for the next seven weeks via feeding him via a tube once i added him domestic. Similarly to that, i handled his pneumonia for him.

He is currently 14 months old and has eventually attained this milestone! It isn’t acknowledged what reasons cleft lips and/or cleft palates. Jamie believes that exposure to positive matters or insufficient nourishment during pregnancy may create this impairment in both people and animals.


This holds genuine for both species. Felix is a brave fighter who does now not allow his fitness problems restrict him from having a very good time and taking satisfaction in life.

In addition to laid low with digestive problems, this labrador has malocclusions of the jaws and most effective considered one of its eyes is absolutely useful. His colon became on the other aspect of his frame from the rest of his frame whilst he turned into developing.


He has a completely recognizable appearance to his face. Jamie endureddue to the reality that none of her enamel are an excellent healthy, she will most effective consume food that comes in a can.

After i offer him difficult food to make him sense more like “one of the percent,” he on occasion has hassle picking it up, which may be a touch frustrating for me. On the other hand, he maintains him busy.



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