Japanese Flying Squirrels Are Probably The Cutest Animals On Earth

Squirrels are recognized as furry adorable little creatures that have the ability to make one go “aaaaaaaw”. But these squirrels right here take this adorableness to a whole other level. Flying squirrels can be seen in Japan and Europe, from the Pacific coast to the Baltic sea. These animals belong to the category of Old World flying squirrels. Even though flying squirrels do not hibernate, during the winter time they at times sleep for several days continuously.

Though these squirrels are referred to as “flying squirrels”, they do not actually fly. Instead, they glide by making use of their patagium or furry membrane that is located between their front and rear legs. Flying squirrels use their membrane to glide from one tree to another or to escape from predators. Apparently, these creatures have the ability to glide a few meters but it depends on the weather conditions and etc. Their coat is grey in color and the abdomen area is a bit lighter in comparison to the back.

The flying squirrel’s features include eyes that are large and strikingly black and a flattened tail. They are known to be nocturnal arboreal rodents that nest in twig dreys, tree cavities, and nest boxes. Flying squirrels belong to the family of Sciuridae. One look at these adorable squirrels and you are sure to fall head over heels in love with them.

#2. Holding on to that branch like you’re holding on to your dear life. (Unknown)

#3. Munching on these green leaves to fill up my little tummy. (Popshiretoko360)

#4. Just look at how cute those large black beady eyes are. (junsei_g)

#5. Look how cute this one is. (junsei_g)

#6. Don’t get lost in my adorable smile. (Popshiretoko360)


#7. That determined look you have on when climbing a mountain. (Popshiretoko360)

#8. Even the way they eat is just so delightful. (Popshiretoko360)


#9. Just look at that plump body stuck in between a hollow. (junsei_g)

#10. Looking like a cute creature from a children’s cartoon. (Popshiretoko360)

#11. Flight mode on. (junsei_g)


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