Homeless Sick Man Refuses To Trade His Dog For Housing From Shelters

They force him to choose between his dog and the house he needs to live in …

Luis Pereira may be a man who was born in Sintra, Portugal, who was abandoned by his parents when he was only 4 years old, and although he was later adopted, the experience of living on the road had led him down a dark path.

Owing to his rebellious behavior and testimonial to the planet of addiction, Luis’s adoptive mother decided to throw him out on the road again. Almost two years ago, Luis met Kika, an adorable dog who changed his life. Luis doesn’t decide to abandon his faithful friend and companion, which has made it a touch harder to seek out a refuge. Luis has received invitations from various shelters and organizations, but of these proposals have a standard condition, having to abandon Kika, and for Luis that’s not an option.

This man knows what it’s wish to survive the road and he doesn’t want his furry friend to travel through that, Kika is everything to him. Before money or an enormous house, the well-being of the one that you love dog comes first. During the pandemic, in winter, they survived the heavy rains under a tent, Luis had refused to travel to a shelter because they didn’t accept dogs for sanitary reasons.

Some time ago, a foundation bought a house for Louis and Chica as an exchange affirmative task, but Louis was forced to leave the place after contracting an infectious disease.contagion. LuisLouis promised that because of Kika, he has successfully changed as an individual and she is his responsibility. He cannot let himself be in the dark world because he must pay attention to her and protect her. “Kika was born on April 29, 2019. She isn’t even two years old. I visited search for her during a kennel in Porto when she lived there on the road . I used to be using at the time and decided to finish this addiction. I don’t skills to precise my love for Kika, she saved my life,” said Luis.

Luis suffers from a heavy respiratory condition and this suggests that he cannot continue on the road, but he’s not getting to leave his furry friend in the hands of luck for nothing, in the worst case he has considered giving her up for adoption. Luis is merely trying to find help, he doesn’t care much where he comes from, what he’s most curious about is being with his dog. he’s not scared of work or moving to any a part of the country. Luis knows that he must make a choice soon, but whatever it’s, his priority is that Kika is well and is happy in particular things. Share this with your family and friends,

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