Homeless Cat Forms Unbreakable Bond With a Young Girl in a Wheelchair

Chris, known as the Cat Whisperer, devotes his life to assisting stray and feral cats. Little did he know that when he rescued this abandoned kitty, he would also be lending a hand to a young girl in a wheelchair.

It all began during his routine feeding of a feral cat colony. A beautiful white cat with captivating blue eyes appeared, displaying no signs of typical feral behavior. Chris speculated that the cat had likely been abandoned by residents residing in the nearby apartments.


The cat started appearing more frequently, prompting Chris to make efforts to befriend it. He provided food for the hungry feline and even introduced catnip, which the cat thoroughly enjoyed. It was then that Chris recognized what a remarkable little cat it was and made up his mind to capture it and seek a suitable home.

Chris prepared a carrier, enticing the kitty with catnip and food, and patiently attempted to coax it inside over the course of a few days. Initially hesitant, the cat eventually grew comfortable with gentle strokes and a great deal of patience. After a few days, Chris faced no difficulties in guiding the kitty into the carrier.


He brought the cat to the Suncoast Animal League to check for a microchip and have a veterinarian examine it. Unfortunately, no microchip was found, but the affectionate kitty quickly settled in and became a beloved member among the staff.

The cat had a particular fondness for sitting on laps, capturing the hearts of everyone at the animal league. And then, a purrfect match was discovered! Kiley Richy, a young girl in a wheelchair, had been searching for the ideal cat companion for quite some time. The kitty showed no fear towards Kiley’s electric wheelchair and reveled in showering the girl with love and affection.


Nothing brings greater joy to this adorable kitty than being near Kiley, and the sentiment is reciprocated. The kitty adores sitting on her lap, assisting her with the computer, playfully licking her toes, and even seeking refuge in her shirt.

Their bond is a source of immense happiness, and it warms our hearts to witness how this exceptional cat has found such a remarkable home. Truly, this cat is among the most remarkable feline companions. Please share this heartwarming tale with your loved ones.

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