Hero Belgian Malinois makes the ultimate sacrifice protecting owner from knife attack

“Alexander died a hero.”

Dogs are devout to the point of obsession. Some people even sacrifice their lives for their masters, this is their dedication and affection to them. That is exactly what happened in Las Vegas, Nevada, when Alexander, a Belgian Malinois, saved his owner’s life but sacrificed his own in the process.

A police officer responds to a report of an attack. When police arrived on the scene after receiving a complaint of a man and his dog being stabbed, they had no idea what to expect. They discovered Alexander, a 6-year-old boy who had been hurt in a knife attack while defending his owner, Joseph Warlick. A dispute escalated into an armed fight.

Warwick had an argument with an acquaintance, and it quickly escalated into an armed battle. Soon after, the acquaintance pulled out a “Rambo-style” knife and assaulted Warlick.

Warlick told NSLV News, “I got hit in the face and sliced in the face.” “The dog chased after the guy who attacked me. He shoved him away, and the guy pursued him down, stabbed him, and fled.” Alexander underwent life-saving surgery. According to investigators, Warlick did not sustain any life-threatening injuries. Alexander, on the other hand, had more serious injuries. Alexander was taken to Lone Mountain Animal Hospital for surgery. Unfortunately, his stab wounds were extensive, necessitating the removal of his spleen and a portion of his intestines.

Alexander died as a result of his injuries. Alexander was eventually transported to The Animal Foundation’s Las Vegas Specialty Center, where he could receive the care he required. Alexander died as a result of his injuries after undergoing additional surgery.

The Animal Foundation issued the following statement on Facebook: “We are heartbroken to inform you that Alexander did not survive. His wounds were simply too serious. We take solace in knowing Alexander died a hero, and we hope you do as well. According to local news agencies, Alexander was injured while defending his owner from a brutal attack. He almost certainly saved his owner’s life.

According to the authorities, no suspects were found. The Clark County District Attorney’s Office also had no idea what criminal charges would be filed in the case if the perpetrator was ever apprehended. Once they get more information about the case, the police department will release the latest news. Watch the video below for more on this tragedy. Please SHARE this with your relatives and friends


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