Helpless 5-Day-Old Kitten Unable To Walk,Receieves Costum-Made Splints From Shelter Staff

Shelter staff discovered a 5-day-old orphaned kitten with a birth defect that left him unable to walk.

Knowing they were his only hope, they were determined to get this sweet boy back on his feet.

An Orphaned Angel

Most shelter staff are used to taking on tough cases and doing whatever it takes to rehabilitate animals.

So when a tiny infant kitten arrived on the doorstep of the Arizona Humane Society (AHS), they were prepared.

Zion was only five days old, orphaned with the rest of his litter and completely dependent on caretakers.

In addition to needing round-the-clock care in AHS’ Bottle Baby Kitten ICU to survive without his mother, he was badly knuckling on his back feet and unable to use his legs normally.

Helpful Heroes

AHS serves as a “safety net” for at-risk and vulnerable animals and has saved over 100,000 animals in the last six years, according to their website.

An ethical no-kill philosophy, justice for abused animals, and promoting the human-animal bond are just a few of their values.

So if anyone could help this kitten walk again, it was the staff at AHS!

Equipped with live-saving programs and an experienced staff, the team buckled down and got to work.

Tiny But Mighty

Zion especially tugged at the staff’s heartstrings who were determined to try and help him walk again.

It took some serious brainstorming and creative trial and error, but soon they had a solution: tongue depressor splints!

Along with some gauze, medical wrap bandages, and tape, Zion soon had his own pint-sized splints.

Zion was finally on the verge of living a normal kitten life.

After a week of intensive work, lots of care, and even more love, Zion was finally able to walk on his own!

Once staff were sure he was stable, he joined his littermates in a local foster home.

Happily Ever After

According to AHS, Zion is the perfect example of “what a second chance at life truly means.”

He continues healing at the foster home and waits for his adoption day, when he can finally meet his forever family.

But until that day, he’s in good and loving hands. “He plays with his kitten and human siblings and will even fall asleep in his foster sister’s arms while helping her improve her reading skills,” the foster family gushed.

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