Heartbroken Dog Spent Her Entire Life On The Streets Until This Woman Arrived

Can you picture what it would be like to endure hunger and cold while living on the streets while seeing tens of thousands of people pass by without offering you any assistance? On the streets, thousands of canines battle to survive on a daily basis.

A visiting Finnish tourist from Finland spotted a helpless little puppy she had repeatedly seen in a corner of a little tourist town in Romania that receives thousands of visitors each year.

When the woman realized how much the puppy needed help, she got in touch with the Romanian non-profit group Howl Of A Dog.

The villagers told the Vivien and Bogdan rescue center administrators that the dog had resided in the area for a while when they first arrived at the scene. She was well-known and referred to by the locals as “the neighborhood bitch.”

She toured the area, begging for food from bystanders and taking care of herself every day while being left without access to medical care and being exposed to the risks associated with life on the streets.

She was given the name Helen by the rescuers, who described her as the most sensitive, tranquil, kind, and courteous canine.

She had quick medical evaluations to determine her status after being saved and brought to the Romanian shelter. As you may know, many strays suffer from a variety of illnesses and starvation.

Helen was found to have anaplasmosis, a tick-borne disease that is luckily curable, following tests.


It was clear from the plastic tag in Helen’s ear that she had been apprehended as a stray in 2013, sterilized, and then released back onto the streets. She has been by herself for at least six years.

Antibiotics were administered to Helen along with a variety of other treatments, and she soon recovered her strength.


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