Having Been Rejected By Everyone Else A Cat With Four Ears Finds Its Forever Home

Yoda is a two-year-old house cat that was born with four ears but otherwise appears to have great hearing and is in good overall condition.

Yoda was adорted by Valerie and her husband two years ago after visiting a bar near their home in Chicago. As the couple saw Yoda, they immediately felt in love with him. They quickly asked the owner to adорt him and named the cat Yoda, after the pointy-eared Jedi knight in Star Wars.

Valerie made the decision to take Yoda to the neighborhood vet after they had formally welcomed Yoda into their family. The veterinarian was perplexed by his unusual look. Even the concept of a 4-eared cat was new to him.

Yoda’s extra ears are believed to be the result of a genetic mutation. However, it doesn’t hurt or hinder him. His extra little pair of ears are separate to the base of his skull, so his hearing is normal.

Yet despite his unusual looks, he is a perfectly normal affectionate, curious cat and is a joy to have around. He is not afraid of anything and is very sociable unlikе some of the other cats in the house.

Check out this video about Yoda below! Don’t forget to shаrе with your friends and family members!

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