Golden Retriever Missing For 16 Days Found Swimming Along Shoreline

Following a water rescue by the New Jersey State Police, Chunk, a cute 3-year-old golden retriever who had been missing for little over two weeks, has been reunited with his family. When a complaint of a dog swimming in Barnegat Bay alone was made, Point Pleasant Station officers Ryan Koehler and Vincent Ferdinandi were just beginning their shift.

The police officers started looking for the dog in the harbor. According to Ferdinandi, they didn’t get on the Zodiac watercraft until they were approximately 75 meters from the shore, where the worn-out dog was. Chunk was gently led ashore by officers, who then lifted him onto a pier behind a house using a rope.

“I was worn out to the bone. Definitely famished and undernourished.”

Chunk’s illness was reportedly caused by the fact that on June 6, while he was playing with his adoptive parents Marie and James Zangara, something startled him and he rushed off into the woods.

An investigation into Chunk’s whereabouts was launched as soon as he vanished from his house, using social media, local police agencies, bait traps, and trail cameras; The policeman emphasized how unhappy and concerned his family was.

On social media, the postings were distributed among several groups. The hunt was greatly aided by online users, and her family eagerly anticipated getting their cherished pet back home.

Officers rushed to keep Chunk secure on the ground until Chunk’s family was found because they feared he may run away again. The weary dog was restless and anxious.

Added Officer Ferdinandi

He little strayed from us. Her family’s relief at her return was great to watch, and the dog was pleased to see his family as well. We appreciate being able to reconnect the dog with its owners.

The incident was reported by the New Jersey State Police on their Facebook page, who wrote:

Chunk was swimming near the Mantoloking Bridge when Agents Koehler and Ferdinandi arrived in a boat. They managed to find him and bring him safely to land. Three-year-old Chunk was reported missing more than two weeks ago. It goes without saying that he was overjoyed to finally meet his appreciative owners.


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