German Shepherd Has Hilarious Reaction To A Crying Baby

German shepherds are an amazing breed.  They are smart, athletic, loyal, protective, and make wonderful family pets.  True German shepherd dog lovers are equally loyal to their beloved dogs, as well as part of an enthusiastic group of dog owners who love to live and breathe shepherds.

German shepherds are also famous for the bonds they form with their family and despite being a powerful breed, make tender and loving guardians of children.  Due to their nurturing nature, it’s no surprise they can have a special fondness for babies.

They always want their pack to be safe and happy so when this gorgeous black German shepherd hears a crying baby, the baby’s cries immediately grab his attention.

He stares at the sound while holding his ball a couple seconds.  It’s as if a thought bubble appears above his head, “What the heck?”

The hilarious part is, the baby is not real – it’s a crying baby in a movie!

The dog finally drops his ball then tilts his head in classic German shepherd style.  With tail wagging, he gets closer to try to figure out where the sound is coming from.

Obviously confused his tail wags as he listens and watches, “heck, what is it?”  He also has an audience, another doggo is in the background who is probably thinking, “what is wrong with you?”

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