Friendly Duck Won’t Let Anything Hurt His Favorite Little Boy

When you were a kid you might have had baths with a rubber ducky and floated it around in your bathtub. The little boy in our story has baths with a rubber duck as well as a live one. It was in 2016 that Jennifer Young planned on adopting a duckling. Her son was only a few months old at the time. Little did she know that the duck and her son were about to become the best of friends.

Bee the duck, also known as Beaker, has been best friends with Tyler, Jennifer’s son since he came into the family. So it is not a surprise when Tyler’s first word was none other than “duck”. Apparently, the two buddies play, eat, nap, and do everything together. It had been easy for Jennifer to train the duck using a harness. Wherever the human goes, the duck follows.

Jennifer finds it to be rather chaotic from the time the two friends wake up till the time they fall asleep. Bee asks for food when Tyler eats and the human finds some way to sneak food for his duck. At times the two misfits create a mess in Tyler’s room and appear equally guilty as they share the blame.

This duck is also very protective of his human buddy. If Tyler is crying while Jennifer is holding him, then Bee comes near her feet and quacks to make sure that Tyler is alright and not hurt. Although Jennifer has owned other ducks before, none of them had been an indoor one. Bee is the first indoor duck that she has taken care of. This is why the duck has to wear a diaper like Tyler does.

In the start, Jennifer laughed when she learned that humans kept ducks inside their houses making the birds wear diapers, and somehow ended up doing the exact same thing. Bee is a smart, sweet and loyal pet and not very different from pet dogs and cats. Tyler loves his duck best friend a lot and adores having him around as a pet. Their photographs are definitely proof of the deep bond that they share.

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