Family Finds Their Missing Dog Stuck In A Drain A Week Later

Seven days after going missing, a Cincinnati family locates their dog. A four-year-old black retriever mix named Edgar frequently leaves his house to play outside and roam the neighborhood. The dog, however, becomes extremely anxious during storms and searches for cover to shield himself from the loud noises.

Edgar Ryan’s father, Sean Ryan, said to Today:

Although they are wonderful boys, they enjoy sneaking about. They run away and return home by themselves in a night or two.

Unfortunately, Edgar opted to leave his house as a severe storm swept over the city without leaving any signs of where he was hiding. The family assumed the worst had occurred to their beloved dog because of the severe storms that persisted throughout the week.

Oscar, the other dog in the home, was devastated since his sibling and closest companion had left him. Sadly, seven arduous days had gone since Edgar vanished without any indication of his potential location.

The family’s father once made the decision to take his dog Oscar for a walk, and as they were strolling about, an amazing event occurred. The man was able to make out a faint cry that came from someplace, so he chose to investigate the source of the sound.

The weeping came from a storm drain, and the adorable, forlorn puppy was the one uttering the cries for assistance.

Sean’s remark:

“His eyes were all I could see staring back at me. He became anxious. Although he was delighted to see me, he was so anxious for me to hear him.”


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