Bonnie had a lot of adventures on her trip.One family thought their beloved Beagle Mix was gone for good.What they didn’t expect was for their dog to return – and with a surprise for them!

Bonnie, their Beagle mix, had not returned home after going missing on a Sunday, and Peter and Paula Closier were worried sick.The dog is five years old, and while he is a strong and healthy pup, his owners are not comfortable with him running around the neighborhood on his own.

Their worries were allayed later that day when the puppy returned home.Bonnie, on the other hand, did not return in the same manner in which she had left.The couple noticed a yellow ribbon tied around her neck as she ran toward Peter and Paula.

The ribbon stated that the puppy had placed third in a dog show!The couple, perplexed by her award, eventually discovered what had happened.John Wilmer was on his way to a dog show in Surrey when he spotted the beagle mix.He was curious about the dog’s owners, but he was unfamiliar with the pup.On his way to the show, an idea occurred to him.He decided to bring the beagle because he was about to enter a dog show with his own dog.Who knows if she’ll come out on top?John also brought two more dogs to the show.



He was already late for the show, but he still had time to post on Facebook about finding Bonnie.He eventually decided to bring her in and enter her in the “Best Rescue Dog” competition.And, true to form, Bonnie took third place!Bonnie appeared to have left the house in order to win.

Peter and Paula, on the other hand, came across John’s Facebook post and were relieved to learn that Bonnie is in good hands.Bonnie returned to the couple’s welcoming arms later that day, but this time she had a gift for them.Bonnie proudly wore the ribbon, and her parents are equally pleased with her accomplishment.However, the fact that they were worried sick remains.

Because of the incident, Peter and Paula are more cautious now when it comes to looking after Bonnie.

Bonnie may be a bronze medalist now, but she has a good chance of winning gold the next time, right?
The question is whether her parents will allow her to compete again.”We might,” Paula speculated.
“She clearly enjoys them.”So, if Bonnie could win third place without much training, imagine what she could do with more practice.This dog has a lot of potential.


I guess, we’ll see if Bonnie gets to have another shot at the show. That is if she goes out of the house with her parents and does not run off on her own!



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