Fairytale Ending for ‘Lucian Lionheart’ Who Waited for Rescue By a Forest Road

Photographer Josie found Lucian, a big orange cat, in desperate condition by the side of a road at 7 am one morning. He seemed to be waiting for her at the edge of the forest, watching as she approached. She spontaneously chose the name for him on the spot, and he became Lucian Lionheart.

While many would drive by, she stopped, and after following him to a small hole, she amazingly managed to catch him and took him home. That was miraculous all by itself!

‘Please Let Him Come Home to Me’
Healthy cats always look impeccable, but Lucian was extremely ragged. He looked like he’d been through the wringer and was skin and bones. This wasn’t fully revealed until they shaved all the matts away.

Lucian’s eyes were bloody, crusty and mostly closed. At first, she thought he may have no eyes at all. He was missing patches of fur while big matted masses hung down from his body. Despite his apparent ill health, he was loving and friendly. As Josie cleaned him up, he purred loudly and was very hungry.

“This is the sweetest cat. My heart was lost from the first seconds,” she said.
After taking Lucian to an animal rescue, they found he needed extensive treatment, tests, and infusions. So he stayed with the rescuers, and Josie had to leave him.

“Please, let him come home to me. He deserves to live the rest of his life so, so loved, fully belly, soft bed,” she wrote.

Lucian Had a Shaky Recovery
When Lucian was ready to come home, he looked a sight, as the vet had to shave the matted fur away. He was running a constant fever and was anemic but was still eating and drinking well, a welcome sign he could recover.

Then things took a turn for the worse and they almost lost him. It would be two and a half months before Lucian could come home. The vets found a large mass they feared could be cancerous, and if so, they recommended euthanasia. Josie wanted to see him spend his days with love, however long he had left.

“All I want is for this poor creature to live, if it’s just a year, two years, the rest of his life in a loving home. To be spoiled with love, fully belly, a soft bed. That’s what I would wish for him, and that’s what he deserves after having gone through that,” she said.

Lucian’s Fairytale Ending
Lucian was a “sweet angel” when he finally came home, and Josie finally got to cuddle him the way she had been waiting for. His hair grew back, and he became the most beautiful fluffy cat.

She is certain he’s part Maine Coon and about eight years old according to the vets.

“He’s just the cutest and sweetest little munchkin that you could wish for,” Josie said.

The cat settled into his forever home in the middle of the German Palatinate Forest and became a wonderful part of the family.

“It is unbelievable that this is the Same Guy I found in the middle of the forest ,” Josie wrote.

Today, he’s a gorgeous meowdel, and one would never suspect what he once went through.

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