Elderly Dog Bursts Into Tears Of Joy When He Reunites With His Best Friend From The Army

We’ve seen countless videos of owners and their dogs reuniting throughout the years, and we can’t help but marvel at how amazing they are. This snapshot depicts an emotional reunion between a Golden Retriever and his owner. That will undoubtedly break your heart and send you to tears. Prepare your tissues, because this is very heartwarming.

Buddy is 13 years old. The golden retriever has lived his entire life with his best buddy Hannah Foraker. Hannah entered the army after turning 21 and attended basic training in Oklahoma.

Hannah’s heart ached as she bid farewell to her canine companion and her horse Derby. Hannah was overjoyed to see Buddy again when she returned home for Christmas after three months of basic training. Buddy’s delight and enthusiasm were palpable when he met Hannah again.

Buddy and Hannah have been together since he was a puppy. Buddy is now quite elderly, suffering from arthritis and nearly deaf, but that doesn’t stop him from accepting Hannah with open arms.

He puts his head in Hannah’s lap and bursts into tears of joy the instant he sees her after three months apart. Hannah is moved and begins to caress her close buddy.

“As we opened the front door, he went out to welcome me and my family, but then he turned around and returned to me.” Foraker explained. Buddy, as you can see, exemplifies how devoted dogs are.

They never forget about their loved ones and provide them with “unconditional affection.” That is why we must look after our best friends, as they are both our friends and family.

The video below shows Buddy and his owner’s tearful reunion.

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