Dog With The Sweetest Crooked Smile Is Looking For Someone To Love

Although Zeke, the endearing little puppy, has not had an easy life, he cannot help but smile. And of course, everyone who knows him at The NOAH Center in Stanwood, Washington, loves his distinctive, crooked smile.

Zeke is very endearing, according to Katrina Wedin, the dog care coordinator at The NOAH Center. The kind and kind youngster enjoys connecting with others and wants to be the center of attention.

He now has a huge following among the workers and volunteers at our shelter. He’s trying to get as near to you as he can. The moment you enter his room at the shelter, he wants to crouch down and sit on your lap.

Zeke, who was then seven months old, entered the shelter in January of this year. His crooked face was proven to be a congenital abnormality by medical examinations and a veterinary examination, but the tooth poking out of his mouth doesn’t affect him at all.

By Catherine:

“He needed to have minor dental surgery for correction. But apart from that, it has no impact at all on her day-to-day activities!

Zeke was adopted after being cared for by the shelter for a few months. Sadly though, he had to go back to the shelter when his family faced hardship. Zeke now wants to discover a permanent home once more, and the shelter staff is hoping that someone will be enchanted by his crooked smile.

Cathy says:

He has a face that makes everyone fall in love with him and is such a great, charming, and silly gentleman.

Zeke’s adoption is an unusual situation, in part because he will probably require further surgery as he matures to keep his deformity from harming him. For now, Zeke is still in the care of the shelter’s volunteers. However, the kind and kind youngster is hoping that the proper family will find him and provide him with the love and care he craves.

Zeke is content to remain the darling of his keepers in the meanwhile and will keep winning them over with his endearingly crooked smile.


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