Dog Who Was Dropped On Highway Hops On Police Car And “Begs” Cops To Be Adopted

A sweet and clever pup was abandoned next to a highway in Brazil and left to fend for himself.

The poor pup was dropped off on a stretch of road in the middle of nowhere and had no way of getting help.

All he could do was hope that a car would stop for him, and when one finally did, he knew exactly what to do.

Two highway patrol officers were taking care of some routine traffic management along the highway when they were called away on a different, more pressing matter.

They’d parked their car by the side of the road and so they quickly headed back towards their vehicle.

But when they reached their car, they were surprised to find an unknown, furry little individual waiting for them.

The abandoned pup had spotted the parked police car and knew that this was his chance.


He waited for the police to come back, and then happily jumped into the car.

According to The Dodo, the pup made it very clear that he wanted to hitch a ride, and the surprised but deeply smitten policemen happily agreed to the energetic little pup’s demands.

Since they were in such a remote place, the police felt confident that the pup had not ended up there on his own; he must have been dumped there by some uncaring person.

The police brought the pup with them to the police station and set out to find the little guy a great forever home.

And luckily, they didn’t have to look too far; another officer at the police station fell in love with the affectionate and surprisingly upbeat pup and agreed to give him a loving home.

Now, the sweet pup has been given the name Rex and is very happy with his new family. He’s got lovely human siblings who love him more than anything, and he never has to feel scared or alone ever again.

Check out how sweet little Rex charmed his rescuers.



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