Dog Who Was Abused Deserves Every Moment Of His Healing Bath

Dog Who Was Abused Deserves Every Moment Of His Healing Bath

Rudy the Pit Bull deserves a relaxing bath if anyone does. In bad health and found abandoned in a plastic bucket, he arrived at a shelter in New York City in November. His skin was destroyed, with terrible scars presumably from battery acid burns and numerous cigarette burns, and he hardly had any hair.

Due to a seriously broken front limb, he was also unable to walk. He has Cushings Disease, which has gone undetected, adding to his already dire circumstances.

The Northeast branch of Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation (SNARR) was contacted by the local shelter for assistance, and its director, Courtney Bellew, came to his rescue. Even though Courtney is used to caring for animals that are gravely ill, seeing Rudy broke her heart. According to her statement to the Huffington Post, his front leg was in such bad shape that she objected to taking pictures of it.

Rudy experienced emotional distress as well. The group wrote on Facebook, “It is a marvel this devastated youngster survived.” Apart from being utterly terrified and frightened of a gentle human touch, Rudy was grateful and nothing but a lovebug as soon as we saved him.

Rudy has profited greatly from medicinal baths, among other things.

A video of Rudy receiving one of his unique spa treatments, which are assisting in his skin and fur healing, was published by the charity.

Fortunately, since his foster parents are veterinarians, they can provide him with all the medical attention he needs to heal. Additionally, they have a magnificent New England farm house where he can find love and a place for his spirit to heal. Children, dogs, cats, and farm animals like Harold the lamb fill his days with pals.

Rudy has a way of instantly capturing your heart when he looks at you because “his eyes are full of love and optimism,” according to Courtney, who spoke to HuffPost. He has always enjoyed being pampered, and he continues to do so today, as you saw from his spa visits. I’m just so happy we can provide him with a decent life.

And they kept demonstrating to him what a good life was till his departure. I’ve learned from an update to the original post above that Rudy recently left because of complications with his spinal disease. Before he left, SNARR gave Rudy with all the attention he could muster. I’m glad Rudy was able to spend his final weeks surrounded by love.

Please tell your friends about Rudy’s story to show your support for this brave and affectionate dog!


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