Dog Squeaks into the House Next Door to Join Kids’s Bath Every Night

Dog Sneaks Into The House Next Door To Join Kids’ Bath Every Night

Good company can turn even the dullest activities into something to look forward to.

Just ask Aeida, who has started sneaking over to join the neighbours’ kids’ bath time despite the fact that she normally hates taking baths.

Almost every night, the black little Staffie sneaks next door and joins in on the sudsy fun. It’s become a nightly routine that both families find

Aeida has been a common sight in the neighbors’ home for a long time; Aeida and the neighbour’s dog Cashew have been inseparable ever since the family moved in next door.

The two pups could just not get enough of each other and were always longing to see each other.

Their bond grew so strong that the two families finally agreed to put up a doggy door between their homes.

That way, both Cashew and Aeida could come and go as they pleased and could spend as much time together as possible.

Now, you’re just as likely to see Cashew as Aeida in either home; they love each other’s families like their own.

Aeida is particularly fond of the neighbour’s children and loves to play and goof around with them.

Now she’s taken it one step further by deciding to become their bath buddy.

One night, just a few weeks ago, Aeida’s family noticed that she was gone and they assumed that she’d gone to play with Cashew.

However, they soon received an amusing message from their neighbors that revealed what Aeida was really up to.

“Our neighbors sent us a Facebook message with Aeida sitting in their bathtub. We believe that was the first time she had done it” Aeida’s mom, Nicole Ackehurst, said in an interview with the Dodo.

Ackehurst also revealed that Aeida normally loathes taking baths, but now she sneaks over to join the kids’ bath time almost every night.

Clearly, Aeida must adore the neighbour’s kids so much that even bath time becomes enjoyable.  Now that’s love!

Aeida has her own Instagram page, aeida.thestaffy, filled with cute pictures from her day to day life, including, obviously, tub pics and snapshots with her BFF Cashew.

The tight bond between the dogs and their families is truly beautiful. The two pups are blessed to have each other and to be surrounded by so much love.


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