Dog born with short spine and no neck finds a family to love him just the way he is

Even dogs that appear a little oddly gorgeous in their own unique manner and deserve loving, excellent homes.

Like one extremely special dog who battled because of his peculiarities but ultimately found the ideal home. He was born with no neck and just half a spine.

Cooper, an American foxhound, suffers from “short spine syndrome,” a hereditary disorder that causes the vertebrae in his spine to merge and compress. He is one of just 30 canines worldwide, according to Daily Mail, that have the illness.

According to Elly Keegan, his owner, “[his spine] is fused in two places – on his neck and on his rear,” according to the Daily Mail. He appears to be without a neck, and his entire body must be turned to gaze behind him.

The unusual-looking dog had a difficult early life. Given his birth deformity, he most likely came from a puppy farm near Halifax, Virginia. He probably developed his impairment as a result of puppy factory inbreeding.

He was sent to Secondhand Hounds, a shelter in Minnetonka, Minnesota, after being discovered by rescuers in 2017. He was initially placed in a home, but since he liked to pursue their cats, things didn’t work out there either.

But Elly Keegan and her family quickly became Cooper’s ideal home. While many people would look past a dog with such an unusual appearance, or worse, he would have been put down due to his condition, Elly has a soft spot for dogs with disabilities and is determined to provide Cooper with the care and attention he needs.

Cooper would require medical attention, according to Elly, who had the assistance of Secondhand Hounds. The dog first experienced a few health setbacks, including a fall that resulted in a five-part neck fracture and a bone infection.

Cooper’s condition has, nevertheless, improved in other ways. Elly claims that due to a congenital abnormality, he essentially had his “butt on his back,” but surgery has improved his ability to use the restroom alone.

Cooper is the “happiest dog,” according to Elly, and people are always pleased to see him.

He attracts attention everywhere he goes, but he actually enjoys it. On Facebook, he has a large following, Elly told Daily Mail. He is such an amiable dog.

Even dogs with unique requirements or those with slightly distinctive appearances deserve to be loved and cared for. We are very happy that Cooper has found the ideal home where he will be accepted for who he is.

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