Desperate Dog Walks 20 Miles Twice To Go Back To The Family That Gave Her Up For Adoption

Dogs’ loyalty never fails to leave us without words. This adventure of a dog who did everything in her power to find her old family just proves how devoted they can be. The dog’s name is Cathleen and she’s a six-year-old Great Pyrenees mix. The dog’s owners moved into a house without a fenced yard, located in Seminole, Oklahoma. This was the reason why Cathleen’s owners had to give her away to a family that lives in Prague, a town 20 miles far from Seminole.

Cathleen dearly loved her family and missed them so much that she decided to take action and went back to her old home. Last winter Cathleen walked all the way from Prague to her old home in Seminole. The loyal dog walked 20 miles in the freezing cold weather. It was a long and difficult journey for a dog just to see her family again. Unfortunately the family wasn’t as loyal as Cathleen, so they brought her back to Prague.

Cathleen was so determined to go back to her old family that she took the 20-mile walk again after a few days.
Tired of her wanderings, the new family gave up on her too, and brought her to the Humane Society.
Luckily for Cathleen, her story went viral, and she found a loving family from Texas that decided to adopt her.

Dogs are incredibly loyal creatures and Cathleen’s adventure in finding her family is definitely one great example that shows how loyal dogs can be.

From Prague, Cathleen walked 20 miles on a 40-degree (4°C) temperature day just to get to her family in Seminole.

Luckily, Cathleen found a forever family from Texas, where she will live with four dog siblings.


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