Dogs are famously loyal animals, and they always miss us when we’re gone — even if it isn’t for that long. Take this pup as an example. The dog, Cotton, missed his dad when he went away for a two-day drill weekend with the Oregon National Guard. And when his dad got home, the pup celebrated!

Cotton isn’t just any dog, he’s a deaf rescue dog.

When Cotton was rescued and adopted as a surprise for his soldier dad, it wasn’t long before he was certified to be his service dog. He’s one heck of a companion, and it seems as if he would do anything for his soldier dad.So it’s clear that Cotton has a lot of love and loyalty for his dad! Which is abundantly clear when you see how he waits eagerly by the door for his best friend to return. Wow, Cotton, it’s only been two days, just chill out!

Just kidding, it’s adorable how devoted you are to your dad. Cotton paces back and forth and stares out the window. Somehow he knows that the soldier will be back soon.At long last (much to Cotton’s relief), the soldier arrives. …And the doggo loses his mind! A whole two days of waiting is just too much for this furry fella. When the door is opened, he rushes straight to his dad and eagerly says hi to him in his own doggy way. This mostly involves a lot of jumping on him and a looooot of tail wagging.

The soldier tries to get inside, easier said than done when an excited dog is getting all up in your grill! Cotton just doesn’t know what to do with himself! He’s so excited to have his soldier back that he doesn’t even know what to do about it. He goes in demanding pets, but also seems to want to shove his face into the soldier. How lucky is this guy to be loved this much? Is it even possible to be loved any more than the love you get from a dog? It’s nothing but pure, unadulterated affection. Was Cotton just sitting at home thinking his best friend was gone forever? That would explain why he behaves as if it’s a miracle that he returned.I wish we could have a transmitter from Cotton’s brain so we could hear what he was thinking. It would probably be a series of scrambled sentiments about how obsessed he is with his master, and how he’s never allowed to leave again.


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