Clever Horse Pretends To Be Dead When Man Approaches To Rid It

There are times when we are so tired or depressed that we don’t want to go to work, and we will make up any excuse to avoid going to work. Our excuses could have been the most ridiculous, and we might have even changed our voice to a faint one just to fool our boss into thinking we were sick or ill. We simply forget that people read us and can tell whether or not we are telling the truth.

In this case, the boss would have us think that he believes what we tell him when, in fact, he knows the truth. Horses are no exception, and what we’ll see in this video is a smart horse who pretends to be dead every time his owner approaches and attempts to ride him. He collapses to the ground and pretends to be dead, but when he notices that no one is around, he springs to life. The owner even tried to trick him with carrots, dropping carrots next to him, but even this failed to get him to stand up when the owner was nearby.

The intelligent horse has outsmarted the owner, and the horse is unable to let go of such a delectable treat as soon as he walks away. He goes and starts eating the carrots when everything appears to be quiet and no one is nearby. Maybe this is just part of the training, but even if it is, the trainer and the smart horse deserve credit. More information can be found in the video.

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