Cat Who Lived In The Streets For Years, Finally Finds A Family To Warm Its Heart And Can’t Stop Purring

This tabby cat is Padou. Believe it or not, he didn’t always look this safe and healthy.

Padou used to roam the streets of Montreal, Canada, sporting a rugged look that came with a lot of battle scars. People saw him wander the streets, hang around under cars, in courtyards and on sidewalks, but no one ever claimed him.

A few months ago, a woman named Aya took to feeding Padou in order to gain his trust, and in time Padou had become used to her.

During the process of winning Padou over, Aya noticed Padou’s health was deteriorating. With the help of a local cat rescue group, Chatons Orphelin Montreal, Aya decided to take immediate actions.


Initially, they set out harmless traps for Padou, but they never worked, Padou was too used to them in his past life.

Then they turned to finger-feeding Padou so he would get used to touches. Eventually, it worked, and that paved the way for them to finally keep Padou under their care.

After testing positive for FIV, Padou underwent immediate medication, as well as treatment for his worms and fleas. And that’s when Padou’s journey to being a healthy and happy cat began.

Slowly, Padou showed signs of opening up to people, and began shaking off signs that he was a street cat.

Although scared of new people and other cats, Padou tried to win his fear. Now he always demands cuddles and he gets them by following his foster mom around.


In his new life, Padou makes sure not to miss anything, even when his foster mom is working on her laptop.

Now, Padou has fully settled into the domestic cat life, and with winter coming, Padou is warm and cozy and finally enjoying life.



Life on the streets hardened Padou but all it took was patience and affection to make him purr again. Thanks to Aya and the Chatons Orphelin Montrea, Padou will now be experiencing a purrfect winter, hopefully, with a loving family and a forever home.




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