Cat Entered The Burning Garage Five Times And Carried Out All Five Of Her Kittens

The 5-month-old kittens of this cat resided in an old garage with their mother. However, one night, an unknown arsonist set fire to the garage.

No one was inside the garage when it was engulfed in flames, but firefighters were distracted by a cat running in and out of it many times.

Efforts by firefighters to capture the animal were unsuccessful. A firefighter witnessed a cat carrying a kitten by its fangs. When the infant was safely out of harm’s way, she flung herself into the flames once more.

However, despite the fact that she was covered in burns, the mother cat managed to rescue all of her babies from the blazing building. She had to return to the charred and smokey garage five times since she could only remove them one at a time.

Only after the cat carried the last kitten out of the flames and made sure that everyone had been saved did she fall unconscious, having burned her paws, damaged her ears, singed her muzzle, and her eyes had bubbled from the flames.

The cat was saved by a firefighter who took her to the veterinary facility.

As you can see, Scarlett (the cat) had lost her hair following the attack, but here is what she looked like when it had healed.

Within a few days, all of the kittens had been adopted. They were raised by Karen Wellen, who had taken in their mother. That’s why she promised to treat Scarlett as if she were her own child when the cat was taken in by members of the Animal Welfare League. This commitment was kept. Watch the video. 

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