Breeder Tries To Euthanize 3 Puppies After Breeding Mishap, But Rescuers Step In To Save Them

The English Bulldog puppies were just a few weeks old when they were rescued. Despite the litter’s tender age, its breeder was adamant on euthanizing them. greatergood.erites

“A man went into a vet’s office and demanded that they be killed,” Nadine from Rhode Home Rescue told “Something went awry when he tried to breed these puppies.” He discarded them since they couldn’t be sold for a profit.”

Fortunately, someone at the veterinarian clinic contacted the Rhode Island non-profit organization that rescues abandoned, neglected, and unwanted dogs from breeders, high-kill shelters, and other unsafe situations. “I assured them we’d take them and not put them down,” Nadine explained. “I couldn’t; I couldn’t even think about these unfortunate infants who were killed before they ever had a chance to live.”

Despite the fact that all three puppies were saved that day, rescuers knew they had a deeper problem. All of the puppies had eyesight issues that would need surgery. One dog had an enlarged eyeball that caused him excruciating agony and necessitated immediate excision. Others were blinded and required extensive testing to assess the extent of their genetic defects and whether their vision might be salvaged.

However, there was no way a non-profit animal rescue based entirely on donations and volunteers could cover the increasing medical expenditures for this unfortunate litter. This prompted rescuers to contact Waggle, which collaborated with GreaterGood and The Animal Rescue Site to provide these puppies with the surgery they require to overcome these difficult health issues.

“We don’t know much about these babies yet, but we’re doing everything we can to make sure they live happy and regular lives as the gorgeous puppies they were born to be,” Nadine said. “We couldn’t stand by and watch these puppies be killed because they couldn’t heal from their genetic defects.”

Please contribute to Ellis, Yuri, and Evie’s medical recovery fund to help them grow into happy, healthy dogs! Even the smallest contribution can assist these innocent puppies in overcoming their early hardship and receiving the second opportunity they deserve.

Meet some of the other animals receiving life-saving medical care from GreaterGood, The Animal Rescue Site, and Waggle!

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