Boy Writes Emotional Letters To His Dog He Left At A Shelter Asking To Be Taken Care Of

Nobody is surprised to learn that dogs are man’s greatest friend since they have a propensity to have a very unique relationship with people due to their devotion and unconditional affection. Like the heartbreaking tale of the young boy who leaves letters for his dog in a shelter after moving out due to troubles at home.

Many others were affected by the boy’s story because, even at the little age of 10, he knew what it meant to love and care for his pet. Feelings that drove him to make the challenging choice to give him to the Pergatuzoo Shelter in Mexico in order to shield him from his father’s abuse.

The child made the choice months ago to ditch his pal Simón at the entrance of the shelter along with an emotional letter outlining his reasons for doing so.

He asked the proprietors of the shelter to take care of him and detailed the numerous injustices that his loyal buddy had to endure in the letter.

He also bids his pet farewell and asks the personnel at the shelter not to put him up for adoption since he vows to return for him once he is older.

A portion of the letter is as follows:

Simón is my dog, I don’t want my dad to abuse him, and he cries a lot since there isn’t enough food, so I’ll leave him in your care. He left you “my tortilla savings.”

The little child also begs his puppy’s new guardians not to abuse him because his father abused him growing up and caused him much suffering. Situation that caused the little child to worry about Simón’s safety even though he knew he could not shield him from his father’s wrongdoings.

The letter went on to say:

“Don’t strike him; my dad beats him very frequently. Simon is a big eater. Don’t take him away; I’ll come get Simon when he grows up.

The shelter posted the touching tale on Facebook in an effort to track down Simón’s owner and his family.


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