Black Labrador Born With A Cleft Lip And Palate Can Finally Play

Felix is a sweet black lab that resides in Alaska, United States. He is well-known on the social media platform Imgur, where he has won over a large following of fans who have followed his journey and enjoy seeing the adorable furry man progress in his endeavors.

This dog has made great progress and recently had a successful oral surgery.

Since he was 11 days old, I’ve had Felix. When the breeder realized that one of the puppies in her litter was not doing well and was really dying since she had a terrible cleft palate and cleft lip and was unable to feed from her mother correctly, they called in a rescue worker and that was me.

The process of removing this hairy guy was difficult.

Jamie explains:

“At this time, he had aspiration pneumonia and wouldn’t survive another day. I brought him home and tube-fed him for the following seven weeks. Also, I took care of his pneumonia. He has finally reached the age of 14 months!

It is unclear what causes cleft lip and palate. According to Jamie, exposure to specific items or inadequate nutrition during pregnancy can cause this impairment in both people and animals.


Felix is a warrior who doesn’t allow his health issues prevent him from having fun and enjoying life. In addition to having digestive issues, this Labrador has only one functional eye and misaligned jaws. His colon developed on the other side of his body from the rest of his body. His face has a distinct aspect.

Jamie continued:

She is forced to consume primarily canned food since none of her teeth match. It’s a little challenging for him to pick up when I offer him hard food to help him feel like “one of the pack” at times. But he keeps him occupied.


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