”Baby Bear” Kittens Rejected By Mom Hold Each Other Tight-Happy To Be Safe & Warm

A Florida woman stumbled across a Facebook post about a litter of kittens abandoned on the streets.

She immediately reached out to them, but got no response.

Keep reading to discover how fate brought together a kind stranger and two kittens who desperately needed a hero.

Their journey will melt your heart!

Rushing To The Scene

Carmen Morales Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project in Delray Beach, Florida was scrolling through Facebook when she came across a concerning post.

A family had found a litter of freshly born kittens outside and brought them into their home.

Knowing how difficult it is for infant kittens to survive without their mother, Carmen wanted to offer the family that found them assistance in hopes of helping the kittens thrive.

She finally heard from them the next day a little after noon. She dropped everything and rushed to their location.

When she got there, she helped them set the kittens up to hopefully be reclaimed by their mother.

Left Behind, But Not Alone

At last, the mama cat arrived.

At first, Carmen was relieved. The kittens had a much higher chance of survival with their mother.

They could be trapped and vetted once mama cat was finished doing her job.

Carmen’s initial hope was crushed when the mama cat made a devestating decision.

One by one, the mama cat picked up and moved her kittens. But there was one problem: she never returned for her last two kittens.

The kittens didn’t seem to have anything wrong with them, but it was clear the mother had rejected them.

While Carmen was disappointed, she knew unfortunate events like this were common.

“She had 7 kittens so I am sure it was not easy for her to be in the streets, carrying all those kittens in her belly!” said Carmen.

She also understood that Apple and Blackberry’s situation was a human failure, not the mama cat’s failure.

If people would spay and neuter their pets, tragedies like this would not happen.

Rushing To The Rescue

There wasn’t any time to waste. Carmen knew she had to take matters into her own hands.

She took the two remaining kittens to the vet to learn what could be wrong.

The two kittens were scared and hungry, but they knew they had not been fully abandoned.

In Carmen’s arms, they felt safe and hopeful!

At the vet, Carmen learned why they had been tragically rejected by their mother.

The Truth Revealed

Carmen named the two kittens Apple and Blackberry.

Blackberry had an infection on his umbilical cord, which the vet said was probably the reason the mamma cat did not come and retrieve him and his sister.

According to the vet, both kittens were going to be fine. They just needed some extra help until they were able to stand on their own feet.

While they had a rough start, Carmen was determined to give them their best life!

Blackberry recovered from his infection quickly, but the road ahead was still a little rough.

“I started to wean them from the formula and they did not take to eating from the plate well,” Carmen shared. “They refused to eat, got diarrhea and lost weight.”

After some practice on eating big kid food, Apple and Blackberry began to gain more weight!

Two Bundles Of Joy

Now that they’re out of the woods and can thrive like other kittens, their personalities have started to shine through!

“Blackberry is bigger and more active,” Carmen said. “Apple is smaller and she loves to relax and groom herself. She even grooms her brother!”

According to Carmen, the siblings are very clever. They learned to use the litter box quickly and love to explore.

The curious duo can be found tumbling, wrestling, and curled up napping together in a sweet embrace.

“Apple and Blackberry are so different. Blackberry is bigger and more active. Apple is smaller and loves to relax and groom herself. She’s a typical girl!” Carmen gushed.

It’s clear Apple and Blackberry are very grateful to be safe and sound with Carmen.

They may have lost part of their family, but at least they had each other.

Happily Ever After

Soon, it was time for the siblings to be spayed/neutered and find a forever family.

Since then, they two have been adopted and can look forward to a lifetime of love and attention in their new homes.

It was hard for Carmen letting them go, but she was excited for the kittens to begin their new lives.

“It was very hard letting them go, but I needed to do it so we could continue helping other kitties in our area. They’ll always be in my heart,” said Carmen.

“It is a better option to let precious kittens go and hurt from missing them than to let another rescue cat die waiting for help,” Carmen continued.

At Least They Have Each Other!



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