At The Vet A Kitten Sneaks Out Of Its Crate To Comfort A Scared Dog

After a significant downpour, Ginger Biscuit was discovered wet to the bone and in need of assistance in a storm drain. Greenside Animal Hospital received him from his rescuer, and because they had no information about his condition, they placed him in the isolation ward so he could recuperate and recover in quiet.

When Ginger initially arrived at the hospital, he was naturally a little anxious. He was only 8 to 10 weeks old, and because of how bewildered he was, he was somewhat frightened of anyone passing by and tending to him.

The proprietors of Greenside Animal Hospital, Drs. Joubert Viljoen and Suzette Greube, told The Dodo that Ginger is quiet but very affectionate and enjoys attention after he gets over his initial dread of contact. He is a little hesitant of visitors when they first come into the isolation ward, but once he notices that we are bringing food, he is delighted to come out of his shell and talk to them.

Ginger was fortunate to have the isolation ward to himself, save for Anne.

Anne was also brought to the hospital as a stray after she was found hiding in a bush at a nearby sports club. She was covered with fleas and ticks and was very weak. One of the trainers at the club brought her to the hospital, and everyone could immediately see that she was quite sick. They sprang into action trying to heal her and got her all settled into the isolation ward.

Usually, the cats and dogs at Greenside Animal Hospital are kept in separate areas, but the isolation ward is a special case. Anne and Ginger’s crates were across the room from each other. There was no way they could have any contact — or so the staff thought. As it turns out, though, Ginger had other plans.

One day, staff walked into the isolation ward and stopped dead in their tracks. Ginger wasn’t in his crate. Instead, he was cuddled up with Anne in her crate.

Viljoen and Greube said that they “underestimated the kitten’s capacity to wiggle itself through the entrance of the cage he was placed in.” “Since the small dog was so frail, we never thought she posed a threat to the kitten, but when we first saw them together, there was definitely a moment of worry, since some dogs don’t react well to cats and vice versa,” the owner said.

But as soon as they saw how gentle Anne was with Ginger and how much they appeared to care for one another, all of their worries vanished. The personnel attempted to separate the two again, but it didn’t work since the couple appeared to soothe each other down. That was it after Anne and Ginger made the decision that they belonged together.

“After initially discovering them together, we moved the kitten back into his cage, as his litter box, food and water was in there, but he immediately made his way out of the cage and back to his friend,” Viljoen and Greube said.

Since they are now cohabiting a crate full-time, Anne and Ginger couldn’t be happier. Being with Ginger appears to be assisting Anne’s recuperation and providing her strength. Anne was very frail when she first arrived at the hospital. She offers him the sense of peace and security he had been lacking, and he gives her something to care about and focus on.

“It is definitely a case of ‘yours, mine and ours’ with these two,” Viljoen and Greube said. “They love to snuggle and even have meals together! They have toys, but the kitten’s favourite pastime is chasing Anne’s tail!”

The pair may be very different, but it doesn’t matter. Their friendship is strong, and everyone agrees that it’s the sweetest thing ever.


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