After Dad Lion tries to punish Cub for biting his tail, Lioness gives the Man a Real Earful

He is the reason why we refer to him as the king of animals. The mighty lion is really menacing with its towering mane and his thunderous roar. However, it is clear from the pictures below that the dominant animal in this situation is a lioness. At least in this family, I suppose!

At the Washington National Zoological Park, a family of lions had some drama. A simple playfight between the father lion and one of his mischievous pups was the cause. The mother had to step in to restore order when things had gone too far. Just as this father did, we have never seen a lion male toe the line in front of a lioness. Jennifer Lockridge, a 42-year-old amateur photographer, has documented the amusing incidents in a number of pictures.

The big lion attempted to teach the little cub a lesson when he grabbed his dad’s tail and bit it, but he ended up getting educated by his soulmate. The lioness, who, it must be said, had a bit of attitude, had severely reprimanded her male when he tried to chastise the youngster.

Lockridge, who frequently visits the zoo, mainly to watch the lion family, was in the perfect location at the perfect moment to photograph this heated argument. A nasty youngster named Lusaka nipped the father’s Luke tail on what had been a rather calm day in the lions’ habitat.

Luke has only lately been let to play with his youngster, and I truly enjoyed witnessing their relationship, Lockridge said. “Luke is the father of every youngster in the lion pride at the Wildlife Refuge, which consists of seven cubs from two different moms.

As the cubs have become braver, they approach Luke without hesitation in an effort to play with him. He didn’t appear to be really angry, so I don’t think he realized she was biting his tail. Lusaka often bites the tails of both adults and her siblings.

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