Adorable Baby Cow Who Lost Its Leg Becomes best Friends With A Giant Tortoise

The pair are inseparable

Meet Leonardo, an African spurred tortoise who was rescued back in 2013 from a zoo closing in Bangkok, Thailand.

He went to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) Rescue Center, a place that has become home to hundreds of animals in need and a sanctuary for them when they had nowhere else to go.

Leonardo was happy and comfy living life at the sanctuary – but it was about to level up.

Cue Simon, a young cow who was found caught in a tangle of vines when out grazing with his mother.

The WFFT took him in and gave him a prosthetic to help him walk.

Although the rescuers had planned to introduce Simon to the other cows at the sanctuary, Simon had other plans.

“We decided to house him temporarily in a large open field enclosure within the WFFT Rescue Center where he could recover from his ordeal,” WFFT wrote.

“We had then planned to move him into a field where we house two other rescued cows.”

But it was love at first sight when Simon saw Leonardo.

“To the surprise of us all Simon the cow has formed a strong bond with the large tortoise, Leonardo,” WFFT wrote.

“They are often seen following each other around, sharing meals and resting together,” WFFT wrote.

“We hope this unusual friendship continues to flourish.”

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