Acts Of Compassion:Homeless Dog’s Assistance Brings Hope To Its Owner’s Pleas For Help

It is said that on a bridge in a certain city there was a beggar. He could not play the lute, could not sing, did not even know how to write down his tragic situation on paper, scatter it on the ground to expect mercy from passersby.

Every day, he could only squat against the bridge, huddled with his face in his knees, next to his thin legs, an old bowl. Fortunately, people crossing the bridge are very crowded, sometimes people also bring a few silver coins to throw in the bowl.

When night comes, the beggar will return to his abode – a suburban vegetable garden, long abandoned. A ramshackle fence surrounded the abandoned vegetable garden, inside was a dilapidated hut, where the old beggar had sheltered from the cold for several cold winters.

In the vegetable garden, there is a dry well, and by the well there is an old tree. The northeast monsoon came, the city received the first snow of winter. The people on the bridge were very sparse, the old beggar was about to return to rest, when suddenly a small dog came running from nowhere.

The dog was so cold that it shivered, sniffing the beggar’s broken bowl, it was because the previous night he had used this bowl for food. The old beggar, in pity, took out a dumpling from his body and gently put it in the bowl.

The little dog looked up at him for a long time, as if touched, then dropped his face into the bowl to eat. The beggar brought the dog to his “home”, from which the dog man entwined and did not leave. The dog is very smart, when he is hungry, he knows how to grab a bowl and run around asking for food. Passers-by, seeing this, were very surprised and delighted, and immediately threw money into the bowl.

The beggar realized this was a great opportunity and trained the dog. Over time, it learned to stand on its hind legs, grabbing begging bowls, and jump back and forth in front of passers-by. So the beggar earns more money.

The beggar suddenly “made fortune”, then took the money to play the lottery. It was impossible to dream that his luck would be so good, and it wasn’t long before he won the jackpot. As if fate so. The beggar bought an abandoned vegetable garden, and from that land built a splendid house, but he still kept the dilapidated hut, the mouth of the well, the old tree stump, and the old fence in the back garden. your home area.

In the beggar’s room, which was full of luxury items, he suddenly became fascinated with collecting antiques, liked to serve long-legged beauties, and liked the surprised and admiring eyes of everyone when he withdrew. There was a large pile of money in the pocket.

The “Beggar Gentleman” began to meet the elite, always carrying his small dog, of course. The matrons enthusiastically supported this hard-working gentleman, and of course no one knew where he came from. The only thing that makes the “beggar gentleman” feel awkward is the small dog, because other upper-class people all raise those precious, purebred dogs!

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Until one day, his stubborn puppy bit the ear of a precious female dog, right in the middle of a party. The dog’s owner became enraged, causing the beggar to feel his self-esteem was seriously damaged.
When he got home, he coldly took the dog to the back garden, next to the old well. Then put it in a wooden crate, tie it to a long rope and drop it into the dry well. The beggar is determined to kill the dog, like completely destroying the miserable past that still haunts him.

From then on, besides the beggar who lacked a loyal little dog, he could comfortably go alone to meet cute waitresses at the pub, or go to lavish high-class parties.

Fortunately, he did not forget to drop a few pieces of meat every day into the well, because the dog’s barking told him that his old friend was still alive.

In the blink of an eye, more than a month passed, the beggar, on the other hand, did not feel happy at all, the dog was gone, his aristocratic friends were no more, and one day, when he was drunk, skimming, has blurted to reveal the lowly identity of the past. The others suddenly mocked and turned coldly at him.

The last beggar realized that in this world, only a small dog who had experienced hardship with him was the truest friend. Yet he had the heart to throw it down a dry well.

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The beggar quickly ran to the well and dropped the wooden cot. But the puppy just walked around the wooden crate without daring to jump inside.

The beggar ran to find a big rope, tied to a tree at one end, climbed down to the bottom of the well to save the puppy. The well was very deep, but he was not afraid at all. The bottom of the well was dark and smelled of rot, he quickly grabbed the dog and climbed up.

The puppy does not resent his owner, happily licking the face of the owner who has not been seen for a long time. Even the best doctor in the city can’t treat a small dog’s disease. The beggar, in order to make up for his mistakes, gives him the best food every day, taking him everywhere he goes. The little dog was very happy, wagging its small tail, but its head could only look back, its eyes always looking up at the sky.

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The beggar carried the small dog to every corner of the city, he took the money and put it in the hands of other beggars. Seeing those people gratefully hold their money, he felt very satisfied. Then he began to have a new plan, he informed the beggars in the whole city to come to his house to receive money.

The news spread very quickly, the group of beggars coming to receive money was getting bigger and bigger. People who got money then used all the most beautiful words in the world to praise him, making him indescribably excited. When the TV station came, the evening news also had a report about him.

On the second day, everyone rushed to his house like a tidal wave, some people who were not beggars also joined the army to receive money. The beggar was immersed in a sense of honor and joy, busy every day running back and forth between the bank and his home.

Until one day, the bank informed him that the money in his account was exhausted, so he had to tell the long line of people in line that: Running out of money to give away!

The people queuing up immediately turned into a chaotic swarm.
They began to curse: “You scoundrels!” “Why won’t it be my turn to play again!” “Teach him a lesson!”
They broke into his house, threw bricks and broke all the windows. He locked the door of the house, but he was about to be rushed there by the crowd.

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Terrified, he ran to the back garden. Seeing the rope still tied at the mouth of the well, he hurriedly climbed down. When he was about to reach the bottom of the well, suddenly the end of the rope tied at the mouth of the well fell off, the beggar and the rope still holding firmly in his hand fell to the bottom of the dark well.

It took the police a lot of effort to disperse the aggressive people, but the house was almost turned into a wasteland, everything that could be obtained, was taken away.

As time went by, the beggar only had to stay at the bottom of the well, it was dark and cold, he raised his face and shouted to the sky and to the moon, no one heard. The puppy every day runs around looking for food and throws it into the well, sometimes it’s a moldy dumpling, sometimes a piece of bone has changed its smell. It is very difficult for a puppy to find food, because its head can only look backwards.

It can’t be helped, it can only lie down and inhale on the ground, grab a piece of spoiled meat or something, get up and run to the mouth of the dry well. Once, the puppy even threw down the dead cat’s body.

More than a month passed in the blink of an eye, the puppy didn’t even save food for himself, his body was thin, only skin and bones, then he was so weak that he didn’t even have the strength to walk. The beggar was screaming every day, no one came to save him.

For several days in a row the puppy didn’t drop the food anymore, the beggar didn’t know what happened to the dog. He looked up painfully at the small circular piece of sky above the well, knowing that he was about to die.
Early one morning, the murmuring voices of people above the well woke the beggar from his delirium, and he gathered all his strength to cry out.

He was lifted up by people using ropes, the bright sunlight made him unable to open his eyes. Everyone looked at the stinky man in front of him:

“If it weren’t for the dead puppy at the mouth of this well, no one would have heard your cry.”

The beggar looked at the small dog’s thin body, tears streaming down its dirt-stained fur.

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