A Touching Tale Of Triumph Over Adversity:A Homeless Boy And His Loyal Dog,Who Once Roamed The Streets,Have Finally Found A Loving Forever Home

2 weeks ago, a photo of a 9-year-old boy sleeping with a dog, both covered with a thin blanket on the sidewalk in the middle of a cold night caused a storm on the internet. The picture brought tears to anyone who looked at it, and the child’s identity was quickly determined.

I’m Ankit, 9 years old, the sidewalk is home and my only friend is Danny the dog. Ankit’s father is serving a sentence in prison and his mother has left. Ankit works in a tea shop and sells balloons for a living. Ankit’s life has been like that for the past few years, now when asked about his family, Ankit does not know anyone and does not know where his hometown is.

A photo of a homeless boy sleeping with a loyal dog has taken the internet by storm.

Ankit and his dog Danny continued to move through the day until one day two weeks ago, a photojournalist in Muzaffarnagar (India) captured the moment Ankit slept with Danny outside a store. The photo was posted on social networks and quickly caused a storm in the online community, moving the hearts of many people. The photo was so popular that local authorities stepped in to track down the boy.

It was not until December 14 that the boy Ankit was found. According to the owner of the tea shop where Ankit works, the dog never leaves the boy half a step. “The dog will sit in the corner, as long as the boy works here. Ankit is very self-respecting and would never take anything for free, including milk for his dog,” the owner said.

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Ankit will be raised by an acquaintance.

According to Abhishek Yadav, Muzaffarnagar police chief, the police were trying to locate Ankit’s relatives. Ankit’s photo was sent to many police stations in neighboring counties. And finally, a happy ending came to Ankit. An acquaintance of Ankit, called “Bi” by the boy, adopted the boy.

The child will be attending a private school until his family is found. The school also agreed not to charge tuition fees after learning of the boy’s plight. From here, the boy and the loyal dog will have a real home and a good new life ahead of them.

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