A Tender-Hearted Vet Shows How He Builds Trust With A Scared Dog

Every day, veterinarians see dogs that aren’t at their best. Sick or injured, many are afraid of going to the vet; some have never been. But vets are rock stars at comforting the animals that they’re trying to help.

In this video, Dr. Thomas Hamilton is caring for a scared dog. It’s the sweetest glimpse into how he goes the extra mile to reassure a frightened pup that he only wants to help her and doesn’t want to hurt her.

The first thing he notices even before his exam is that his little patient is scared. So, in the most tender gesture, he scrunches down to her level and gently introduces himself, even telling her that his name is Tom.

Dr. Hamilton is an expert at reading body language, so he knew the dog wasn’t a threat, she was simply afraid. So, in his next step in trying to help her feel more at ease, he lays on the floor in front of her and, in a sign of submission, offers her his face to sniff.

He gives her some gentle pets and asks her if she feels better. But she’s not there yet so the next thing he does is offer her some yummy treats to try to win her over and help her feel like she can trust him.

The treats do the job, and she begins to gain confidence and leaves the corner of the exam room. She begins to sniff and eat her treats. Amazingly, the next thing you know she is sitting in Dr. Hamilton’s lap, enjoying some affection.

The trust and compassion that Dr. Hamilton started when he was a boy of 7 or 8. After one day a big black dog came into his backyard and was about to pounce on him. But his dog, Bandit, broke off his chain to fight off the dog and protect him. He knew then that he wanted to be a vet.

Since then, he’s had nothing but love for animals and treats all his patients with love and compassion. He builds a relationship with his patients by going to the extra step to become more than their doctor, he is their friend.

We hope you enjoyed this sweet video about what veterinary medicine is to so many of the doctors who care for our pets. We’re sure that everyone wants a vet just like Dr. Hamilton. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.



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