A Surprising Turn:Fred,At The Age Of 10,Becomes A Father,Marking A New Chapter In His Venerable Life

A well-bred English dog, raised in a castle, has noble manners since childhood. Yes, yes, this is no joke – the Labrador Fred, whom you see in the photo, was born and lives in a real estate – Mountfitchet Castle, which is located in Essex.

The former Norman castle has been restored and turned into a local landmark, often visited by tourists. And Fred is guarding it!

He is accustomed to treating every living being with care. For example, he once raised a small squirrel picked up by his owner Jeremy Goldsmith on the road.

The squirrel lived in the castle kitchen for half a year, and then was released into the forest!

And now a new “animal adventure” has appeared in the dog’s life – Fred recently turned 10 years old (venerable age for a dog), and then fate decided to make him a father!)

A duck built a nest not far from the castle, but soon after the ducklings hatched from the eggs laid, a treacherous fox tracked down the mother and dragged her away for breakfast.

People were worried – what to do with the birds because it is almost impossible for birds to survive at this age without a parent! But the dog has already decided everything. He gathered the babies and led them along …
Since then, Daddy Fred has not left the nine ducklings. He rolls them on himself, warms them at night and even smoothes the feathers with his tongue!

And recently, daddy began to teach his children to swim. Near the castle, there is a moat, where it is very convenient to dive and cool off on a hot day!

The smart dog seems to understand that ducklings can’t live without water, and therefore takes them to “swimming lessons” every day!

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