A Protective Cat Guards Her Baby Friend In The Womb,And Continues To Watch Over Him Once He’s Born,Forming An Unbreakeble Bond

When it comes to pets, most people would think that the title of household guardians and protectors solely belong to dogs. But this cat is a shining example that, as cynical as they seem to some, cats are very caring and protective pets. Panda, Liel Ainmar Assayag’s two year old cat, is so loving and caring of her human that she started protecting Liel’s baby even before he was born. When Liel got pregnant, Panda started to follow her around the house and tuck her head on Liel’s belly when she was lying on the couch. When Liel finally gave birth to Sean, it didn’t took long to Panda to realize that that baby was the human she’d been protecting all along. All babies need guardian angels to guide them as they grow, and baby Sean’s angel just happen to have fur instead of wings.

Meet Panda, one of the furriest guardian angel you may ever see.

She started guarding and protecting her human’s baby even before he was born.

Panda would follow her human, Liel, around the house and tuck her head on Liels’s belly.

But when Baby Sean finally came, Panda was a bit confused.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before Panda realized that Baby Sean was the human she’d been protecting all along.

She would cuddle up to baby Sean the same way she did when he was still inside his mommy’s tummy

All babies need guardian angels to guide them as they grow,

And baby Sean’s angels just happen to have fur instead of wings.


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