A Horse Races To See Her Dog Friend Every Single Morning

Imagine having a friend that cares for you so much that every single morning they drop everything to run and greet you, no matter how far away they are. That is the love this horse named Destiny has for her dog friend, Orion.

Every sing morning, no matter how far away in the pasture she is, this horse somehow knows her dog friend has arrived and runs to the fence to greet him. And they’re so happy to see each other, they act as if they haven’t seen each other in years when it’s only been a day.

Their mom stands watching their special greeting each day. She even must wait for them to play before they are ready to get on with the daily plans. They run the fence and eat grass together, sometimes for hours. These two are never in a hurry to be apart no matter what plans mom may have.

Orion and Destiny have always been best friends. When Orion was a 2-month-old puppy, he was taken to the barn for the first time so he could learn to be comfortable around horses. That day he met Destiny and the two have been inseparable ever since.

From that day, the two have been glued at the hip. Orion’s favorite thing to do is hug and kiss the horse. Meanwhile, Destiny loves to nuzzle her dog friend who blissfully rolls over soaking it all in. Mom says that they just can’t get enough of each other and would spend every second together if they could.

Another thing they like to do is go hiking. When the work is done, Orion leads the way and they all go for a walk, with mom riding on Destiny. Even though Orion is the leader, he constantly turns to make sure his mom and horse are close behind.

Orion is also protective of Destiny. He watches over her and never misses a thing. When she gets her shoes, he’s there to watch over her and make sure all is going well. With him on the job, nothing can hurt her. He’s truly got her back.

Although these two are not the same species, their mom says they act like siblings. Not only do they unconditionally love each other, but they also steal each other’s toys and get into mischief together. And, just like all brothers and sisters, they don’t always share.

The friendship these two shares will warm your heart and their antics will make you laugh. They truly share a special bond that we’re so lucky to be able to see together. Please share the cuteness with your friends.


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