A heart touching moment how the dog says goodbye to his owner

When 33-year-old Ryan Jessen passed away suddenly from a brain hemorrhage, hospital staff members reacted in an unexpected manner.

The hospital treated us really well and allowed us to bring my brother’s dog in to “say goodbye” so that she could comprehend why her human never came home. Ryan’s sister Michelle wrote on Facebook, “If you knew my brother, you knew how much he loved his darling puppy.”



Although the heartwarming scene between Ryan and his dog Molly was intended for the family circle, the video ended up going global.

In her blog post, Michelle states that “others’ tales, their participation in our pain, and so many people’s generosity have tremendously impacted and humbled us.”

Molly the grieving puppy is in good care, according to Ryan’s sister: “Don’t worry about the dog!” She is staying with us! She belongs to the family. Just in time for Christmas, Ryan’s donor heart is expected to save the life of a 17-year-old, Michelle said.



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